The Body Shop Valentines Day Online Sale Haul | My Hauls #8 |

Well, I splurged. It’s been a really long time since I have done a haul. So I have The Body Shop Valentines Day Online Sale Haul. The Body Shop Valentine’s Day Online Sale will be live until 15th Feb 2018, where you get 25% off on 3 products and an extra 10% if your order goes up ₹ 4000

The Body Shop Online valentine day Sale Haul

The Body Shop Online valentine day Sale Haul

Products I got in The Body Shop Valentines Day Online Sale
The Body Shop hand creams-

For the hand creams, I got the British Rose and the Fuji green. I have almost finished the British rose one and I absolutely love it. It’s very moisturising without being greasy and it smells amazing. The Fuji green, I haven’t used yet.

British Rose

Fuji Green


the body shop British rose shower gel-

I have been using this shower gel for quite a few days now and I really like it. It cleanses your skin very well and smells amazing.

British Rose Shower Gel


the body shop British rose exfoliating gel body scrub-

It’s a gel-based body scrub which contains very tiny granules. It doesn’t foam up. This, I haven’t used a lot yet. I will give it a go and let you guys know how I like it.

British Rose Body Scrub


the body shop British rose body butter-

Well, I got the shower gel and body scrub how could I leave this one behind? I have used this only a few times and I feel that it’s quite moisturising. I will have to use it more to give a proper review. Also, I really like the fragrance.

British Rose Body Butter


the body shop British rose petal soft gel toner-

We are still in the British rose family. This is a new product on their website and I couldn’t resist it. It’s a gel toner. This is the first time I have heard of something like this and when I used it I quite like it. Although I will have to use it a couple of more times to actually give a proper review but so far its good. This one also has that amazing mild rose fragrance.

British Rose Gel Toner


the body shop British rose FRESH plumping mask-

Don’t worry its the last product from this range I have (For now of course). This is a gel based face mask and it has tiny rose petal bits in it. I haven’t used it yet so I can’t really tell you what it is like. But, Have I told you that this range smells amazing? Well, This range smells amazing.

British Rose Mask


the body shop fuji green cleansing hair scrub-

This is one of the new launches from The Body Shop. I got this as soon as I saw it. I mean Why not? This one, I have used it a lot and it works really well for me. You can see the full review HERE

Fuji Green Hair Scrub


the body shop Japanese matcha tea pollution clearing mask (Review)-

This is THE newest launch from The Body Shop as of I am writing this post. It as a very planty fragrance which feels really fresh. The base of the mask is quite smooth so it will not crumble up. But there are tiny particles in it. I will give a review on it once I use it properly.

Japanese Matcha Tea Mask


the body shop moringa soap-

I got this one just to have an idea how this range smells. And I like the fragrance. Not as much as the British Rose though. But its good. This one I haven’t even opened yet. Also, its just a soap so I will not post a full review post on this one. But let me know you want to see a full post on it.

Moringa Soap



Well, these are the kind of roses I prefer on Valentine’s day. This is my gift to myself



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Have you tried this product? If yes do share your experiences in the comment section. I would love to read that.