Nail Mail ! Huge Nail Art Supply Haul | Haul #8 |

 It’s been a long time since I did a haul. This time it is a Nail Mail. I bought quite a lot of stuff from the ShopCuteNails, Angle Nail Studio and NailsFiesta. They provide some awesome nail art stuff. So let’s get into this.

Nail Art Supply Haul

Let’s start with the ShopCuteNailsI bought

Nail Art Supply Haul

Belle Water Decal: –

Belle is one of my favourite Disney princesses. So I bought this.

BBF Nail Stamping Plate- BBF M5: – This is a frozen themed stamping plate so I had to get this.

This is a frozen themed stamping plate so I had to get this.

From Angle Nail Studio
Nail Art Supply Haul

Angle nail studio nail vinyls: –

Swirls (001), Large Line (012), Heart (035), Quarter Foil (045), Fish Tail (056), Unicon (064), X Pattern (072), Greek (088) and V-Cut (106) are the ones I bought and she also sent me Deep V (028) and Small Chevron Stencil (008).

From NailsFiesta 
Nail Art Supply Haul
Nail Art Supply Haul
Nail Art Supply Haul

Born Pretty Store Nail Art Mat: –

This is a mini mat and it also came with a dotting tool and a pair of tweezers. This is really good for making decals, testing out nail polishes etc.

Metallic Powders-

Silver, Copper, Green and Mermaid: – So I only bought 2 of them. Rest 2 are sent as complimentary gifts. That’s really sweet of her

Metallic Stud Wheel: –

This one has some really cool metallic studs.

Gold Flakes Wheel: –

This one has some really dainty, pretty designs. It has some crowns, hearts, snowflakes etc.

Born Pretty Store Rectangular Stamping Plates-

BP-L019, BP-L054, BPX-L007, BPX-L008: – BPL 19 consists of a lot of cute owls. It only consists of single images. BP-L054 has some intricate patterns. Will look super cool. BPX-L007 is a Halloween plate from the celebration collection and the BPX-L008 is the Christmases plate from the same collection. Both of them are really pretty

Born Pretty Store Round Stamping Plates

BP-06, BP-19, BP-58: – The BP-06 is the sailor moon plate. I love the centre image. BP-19 has some really nice fall designs and the BP-58 is more like a bird theme. There are a full nail bird silhouette and some single ones.

Nicole Diary Nail Stamping Plate-112: –

This is a plaid design stamping plate. Will be really appropriate for winters.

HeHe Nail Stamping Plate-004: –

This one has some pretty patterns and a butterfly. I love butterflies.

Nicole Diary Nail Stamping Polishes- NS02 (Black) NS03 (Gold): –

 These are quite good. The golden one tends to go relly light sometimes but only if you scrape too hard. I have had no issues with the black one. Both of them are 9 ml packagings

Born Pretty Store Nail Stamping Polishes- White, Silver: –

Both the polishes stamps really well. These are 6ml packagings

Born Pretty Store Clear Jelly Nail Art Stamper with Cap & BORN PRETTY Scraper: – This stamper stamps really good. I tried it on almost every nail stamping plate have and it worked every single time. It comes with a cap which is really good as it protects the stamper head. The holder is quite short.Born Pretty Store 3Pcs/set Starry Sky Stamper: – This is such a pretty stamper. I love the whole galaxy look. And I stamps really well. It has a simple shot glass holder and it’s quite good. Again tried it on a lot of stamping plates and it worked.Gold Stickers: – These are some random design sticker. I like the metallic look.Water Decals: – Some of them I bought some she sent as complementary gifts.

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