All About Lakme Makeup Pro App Review

 Today  I am going to talk about a new app from LAKME called LAKME MAKEUP PRO. It was launched a few days back by LAKME. In this app you can use your cell phone to do your makeup on real time as well as on a photograph of yours.
So lets get into the app.

lakme makeup pro app review
App looks like this when opened                                                     This is the main menu of the app

About the App:-
As i said before it can be used do a virtual makeup in real time as well on a photo.
It has got every thin you will need do your makeup. From foundation to eye shadow and in lots of shades and colors.

How To Use:-
For real time makeup you have to center your face in the given oval shape and make sure you are in good lighting. It uses the front camera. For photograph you can choose a photo form your phone gallery or facebook. You can take a photo Or you can even choose a model.

Options Available in The App:-

 Skin:- These are the options under Skin. You can DE TAN your skin, Make it GLOSSY or RADIANT. or you can use the CC CREAM, which is available in 2 shades.

lakme makeup pro skin

Options Under Skin
 Face:- These are the options under Face. You got BLUSH (11 shades) , COMPACT (13 shades) , MOUSSE 96 shades), FOUNDATION (9 shades), CONCEALER (3 shades).

lakme makeup pro face

Options Under Face
 Eyes:- Here are the options under Eyes. There is EYE MASCARA ( in black ), KOHL/KAJAL (there are 2 of them) , EYE SHADOW (12 shades) , EYE LINER (23 shades).

lakme makeup pro eyes

Options Under Eyes
 Lips:- Options under lips includes LIP GLOSS, LIP STICK AND LIP LINER. Lip stick is available in simple (none) 15 shades, glossy (29 shades), matte (67 shades) and cream (30 shades). so there are total 141 shades of lipsticks.
There are 23 shades available in Lip gloss and 10 in Lip liner.

lakme makeup pro lips
Options Under Lips

Pro Stylist Looks:- Some premade looks are also provided in the app, which you can directly apply. All you have to do is go under Pro Stylist Looks and choose the look you like. There are 79 of them.

lakme makeup pro "pro stylist looks"
Options Under Pro Stylist Looks
Some other options:-

SWITCH MODE- Under this option you get
  • Real time mode
  • Take photo
  • Upload from Facebook
  • Upload from Gallery
  • Pick a Model- There are 4 of them.


  You can remove all the makeup you have applied and start again
  Once you are satisfied with the look you can finalize it.
Under this you can
  • save look
  • lakme products used- this option will show you what products you have used and a link to buy them
  • share look
lakme makeup pro
Some Other Options

In this i have choose a model and look called EYE-SPY ICON is applied

 You can see the before and after

Final verdict:- I overall enjoyed the using this app. Its fun and you can also see what colors or shades suites you before buying the product. The only drawback is the eye liner kajal and lip liner were not functional in real time mode. Otherwise it is fun to use this app.
 Availability:- You can download it on your android from google play store for free.

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